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Open Office is another highly rated Word program that a lot of users find beneficial when it comes to getting the most from their documents that need to be typed or printed out. This is one of the most comprehensive programs out there because it is easy to use, but there are also minimal customization options for you to use while working on the program. This might become a problem. Of course, the other options they have for the text choices and even formatting choices might be beneficial. Documents can be easily typed, converted, and then printed using the program without having a lot of steps or confusing extras to work with. This is one of the fastest programs out there for documents as well.

It will not slow you down, and it makes sure to keep the format that you chose when it comes to typing out documents and having to print them. The users give this a four out of five rating when it comes to typing, saving, and formatting documents using a computer program. The program can be used for home, business, or even school work. It is comprehensive and provides a number of different doc files to choose from when saving the work you have completed. There is not much to say when it comes to Open Office, and giving it a try for yourself. They offer free trials before purchasing the software. You can find out beforehand if you like the program or not, even if it is affordable.

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